My Favorite Things About Easter

Pink tulips are popular in public gardens such...

Decorations for Easter

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I actually like Easter better than Christmas.  Don’t get me wrong — I like Christmas a lot — I love the colors, the decorations, the food, the cookies, the music – and of course, the presents.   There are also things about Christmas I don’t like – the hype, the stress, too much shopping, too many bills afterwards – and that Christmas seems to start in October and last until December 25th!

Easter is a quieter and gentler holiday.  Although preparation for Easter starts 40 days prior (which isn’t the same as 3 months), it is on a more personal basis.  There aren’t commercials hyping the latest caramel egg or chocolate Easter bunny.  Decorations for the day are simpler and usually supplied by Mother Naturepastel colors of tulips and daffodils blooming, the trees and grass turning green and the white of an Easter Lily. 

Easter sneaks up on you, just like a beautiful spring day.  All of the sudden you realize that it is almost here and you ask yourself, did I do everything I could to prepare for the day.  It isn’t the same type of preparation for Christmas where you are stressed-out wondering if you have baked all the right cookies, bought all the right presents and cooked all the right foods for the main meal.  No – Easter is about wondering if you have prepared yourself for the big day by remembering what is important in your life through a personal challenge to make yourself a better person.

Easter morning always brings with it a promise, just like the beginning of spring.  It is a promise of a better life, a promise of beauty, a promise of love and most of all – a promise that all of us are capable of great and wonderful things in our lives.


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  1. Hi Katie, what lovely tulips, a gorgeous colour. are they in your garden. I think that Easter is a wonderful time of the year, rebirth, renewal, when everything comes alive again.
    But of course it is also an important time for Christians, yet still it is rebirth and renewal…

    Have a great day

    #love P

    • Unfortunately, they are not my tulips. Maybe next year when I am out of our apartment and back in a house of our own, where I can plant some flowers.

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