I can feel a breeze!


What's the story?

Sometimes Jenny (my daughter) sends me a picture of Lizzie and Liam which just BEGS for a caption or story to go with it.  This is one of those pictures.  This picture made me laugh because of Liam’s expression and Lizzie’s pose.

Lizzie — This is a pretty outfit and everyone is watching me – so I think I’ll practice a little ballet while I’m here.  This lovely dress twirls when I spin and it is just the right color to attract a lot of attention.  Maybe I can tap dance in this too!  No – I think the occasion calls for something a little more fancy — so I’ll stick to the ballet.  I know!  I am Rapunzel performing Swan Lake!

Liam — This is soooo cool!  I can feel a breeze!

Boys are far less complicated and a lot easier to be entertained than girls!


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