My husband told me that these are the footings which will be under the foundation.  Apparently the mole to whom he was apprenticed also poured concrete — very industrious little mole!  The poles sticking up are called rebar which reinforces the concrete.  All of the foundations in our new subdivision have to be poured instead of using blocks – so pretty soon we will have a picture of the concrete forms which will be placed on top of these footings and then they will pour the walls.  The only thing Mr. Mole Apprentice is unsure about is the footing right down the middle of the  basement.  There is no wall there – so we will just have to wait and see what happens.

It really is exciting to see things happening on the site.  It’s like watching some unseen, giant child building a house using Lincoln Logs.  We have been going out every night to see what little things have been happening.  By the time we move into the house, the neighborhood will be very used to our car — they will think we have lived there for months!

We’ve had a lot of rain the last few days – so we were surprised to see how much has been done.  Pat wanted to check the site to make sure the hole wasn’t filling with water.  He did get a sump pump for the new house — so he shouldn’t be worried.  Must be a mole thing since they don’t like getting water in their holes either!

Things should move right along now that the weather is getting nice – and the more dry days we have, the better!  I’m sure as we progress through the building process I’ll learn that my husband knows lots of other things about construction – possibly from being apprenticed to a beaver as well as a mole – so I will have the inside ‘scoop’ on everything! (Sorry for the bad pun — just couldn’t help it!)


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  1. I know the feeling of excitement when watching your house grow. Ours was in Spain and I have some very strange looking photos. When our footings went in it made the house look so small that I went next time with a measure and every bit was right according to the plan….such fun!
    Love to Mr Mole and Mr Beaver

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