There is something in the Hole!


Alien contraptions?

When we drove up to our lot last night to check on the progress of our new home, the sun was just starting to set.  The piles of dirt around our Hole took on an orange glow from the setting sun and it looked like an alien landscape.  To add to that image, there were these monoliths sticking out of our Hole.  What the heck was growing out of our Hole!  Had an alien being from War of the Worlds landed during the day and was this one of the alien mother ships coming up from the ground to start its conquest of mankind?  Would it be like the original movie (which was the best, by the way) and we were about to be turned into piles of ash by the Death Ray?

Well, it turned out that it wasn’t anything as strange as that — it was merely the forms which were going to be used to pour our foundation.   Maybe not as much fun to talk about as aliens hell-bent-on-destruction — but definitely just as exciting for us! 

These will be snapped together in the shape of our house, concrete poured into the forms and Wala! — a foundation!  It won’t be long now until we start seeing an actual shape of a house.  This whole process reminds me of my sewing days when I used to make most of my clothes.  After I would sew a seam, I would hold it up and look at the progress I had made, and imagine what it was going to look like when it was done.  With the house, I can hold it up after every step (unless I am an alien from another planet), but I can take pictures and see how things are coming along. 

So — no aliens, no death rays, no alien machines.  Just the makings of a foundation and our New Home – much more exciting and a lot less deadly!


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  1. I’ve seriously never seen two people this excited about a hole in the ground since Tim and I dug that “groundhog” hole to shove fireworks down.

  2. Very interesting. Never saw those form things before. It is a little like sewing, isn’t it? I do that too when I sew! Looking forward to the next pics and seeing your house develop.

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