A giant springform pan…



That’s the best way to describe the way the foundation is poured for our new house.  The forms are all clasped together and then the concrete is poured into the forms.  You do the same thing with a cheesecake – the form is clasped together and then you pour in the good stuff – bake it and let it set up – and then snap the form off – and you have cheesecake.  Who knew that making a foundation would be so similar to making a cheesecake!  Of course, in my life — I pretty much equate everything to food or making food!

Tomorrow we will check to see if the springform pan has been taken off our cheesecake.  They will let it set for a couple of days and then the decorations (the walls) will be added. 

Watching our house being built is almost as fun as eating cheesecake — almost– but not quite. 

Hubby Pat inspecting the job


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