Our New Home – The Foundation


Another Step

Our foundation has been released from its casings and is now taking on the semblance of a house.  Pat walked around the entire perimeter today taking lots of pictures and doing an ‘inspection’  – between his training with Mr. Mole (to dig the hole) and Mr. Beaver (to build a home), he is truly an expert.  If my new home turns out looking like a mound of sticks held together by mud, there is one apprentice I know who is going to be beaten to a pulp!

The lumber will be delivered around May 10th – so not much will probably go on until then – other than back-filling the dirt and possibly pouring the driveway.  I’m sure Pat will claim to be an expert for those steps also — having been apprenticed to Mr. Dog and God only knows what other strange creature!


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    • Yes — it is amazing how fast it goes up. It will stall out for a while now while they wait for the lumber. This will give my hubby a chance to refresh his construction knowledge so he can do his ‘inspections’.

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