I’m a REALLY bad penpal


Probably one of the best side-effects of having a blog is that so many people from so many different countries actually take the time to comment on my posts — which usually means they also read my posts (funny how that works!).  I think this is just like having a lot of pen pals in different places all over the world — and I don’t have to pay for postage!  I really love this part of the whole process – and it wasn’t a part I had actually even thought about!

However, as I have been reading other’s posts I have come to the conclusion that I am a REALLY bad pen pal.  Pen pals are supposed to converse with each other, acknowledge each other’s thoughts and actually share information.  I haven’t been doing any of that.  Oh sure — I write a post and people comment — but I very rarely reply to their comments.  I’ve noticed that there are lots of posts out there where the writer takes the time to write something – anything back to the person who not only took the time to READ the post, but also thought about it and took the extra time to make a comment.  Sometimes the comment is one of encouragement and agreement – and is the case with all pen pals — sometimes the comments can be voicing a disagreement and a different viewpoint.  But no matter what, other writers take the time to respond to these individuals – and I’ve even been the recipient of some of these responses!

I don’t know why it took me so long to realize that I’m not living up to my end of the deal – but it finally hit me that I’m not treating the individuals who read my posts with the appropriate amount of respect.  I do read all of the comments — good and bad – and I take them all to heart (even the bad ones) – but I very rarely respond to them – not a very nice thing for a pen pal to do.

So here is the deal —

For all of those individuals who have commented on my previous posts – thank you for reading my posts.  You have inspired me and helped me become a better writer.  Sometimes your comments are longer and better written than my posts – and that is truly wonderful!   You have shared your own stories of your lives and helped me remember other crazy times in my life – and also realize that I am not alone in my world of insane people.

For all of you who decide to comment on my posts in the future – I promise that I will make an effort to respond to your comments and acknowledge how important you are to my writing efforts.  Although I write for me — I do get satisfaction from knowing that people actually read what I write – and I should do the same for you.

I’m going to be a better pen pal – and who knows what great stories people will share with me and what I will learn about the world in the process.


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  1. And I was one of the first lucky recipients to you doing this! Thanks so much for taking time to reply.

    I’m not sure when I’ll be back in Omaha. We have no family there and no real reason to come back, other than we miss it of course. It’s a great town but it’s nice to be closer to our daughter in Atlanta.


    • Seemed only appropriate — since you wrote such nice comments about my earlier posts!

      Atlanta is a great place also — been there a couple of times — LOVE the aquarium! Mostly I love the fact that you only have COKE products there! My kind of place!

  2. That is wonderful Katie, but if you get loads and loads of comments will you be able to answer every one, it will take up all your time. Of course if you were like me and get one comment per day..then you have plenty of time. I often wonder why people do not read my blog. I have read those chosen for Freshly Pressed and mine is a good if not better in some cases.Sometimes it is so depressing but I plod on, just hoping that one day I shall make the grade.
    Your posts are always good, well written and always interesting, so just continue as you do now..
    love Patrecia

    • misswhiplash — I tried clicking on “Patrecia aaka misswhiplash” and it says it can’t link to the server. Hm. Maybe post a link to your blog at the bottom of your reply? I’d like to read your blog — maybe you could read mine, too! I wish I got more readers and commenters!

      • I find Patrecia’s blog very interesting — especially since she is in Bulgaria!! But Julee’s right — I used to click on Mswhiplash and get to her log — clicking on Patrecia gets me nothing.

    • I really don’t get that many comments — but even when I do — typing Thanks’ takes exactly one second — and even less time if all I type is ‘thx

      I don’t know how they choose the Freshly Pressed — the posts of mine which made were typed off-the-cuff because I was at a loss of what to write that day! Go figure!

      Keep on bloggin’ along!

  3. Hey, Katie, I’m really glad you realized this! It took a long time for you to acknowledge me (I think in a Freshly Pressed blog? Am not sure now.) and I was so happy because I really had come to the conclusion you didn’t care about my (and of course others’) comments. After that I knew you did, but still, I feel like I know you somehow, as we are surely treated to some of the intimate workings of your mind and life! It would be fun to have more dialogue if you have the time. I tend to comment on one blog about horticulture, and she answers every single person. So do I, but as misswhiplash pointed out, if you get fewer readers and commenters, this is possible. However, I would settle for once in a while if you are busy! Just touching base from time to time would be nice.

    Am glad your house will be coming along in May – still looking forward to seeing the frame go up, and on to completion. Wish I could have seen the forms for the concrete foundation being actually snapped off — just being “done” it seemed like magic or something, you know? I watch home decorating shows all the time, and also shows where they build houses, and shows where people buy houses, so the process you’re going through is of great interest to me.

    Thanks for acknowledging us constant commenters!

    • I’m sorry I didn’t reply to you sooner! I have read all of your replies and you always tell a wonderful story of your own which relates to mine! I’m very appreciative that you always take the time to write such wonderful comments.

      • Okay, you are forgiven, especially since you posted replies to both my posts! Haha! It’s so nice to dispense easy forgiveness. 🙂

      • I’m trying to be a reformed pen pal — so that means at least trying to answer the replies! So far, so good!

  4. Adding the link really helps. I read excerpts from Katie’s blog on Facebook but can’t always click through to this site so I had to add the URL to my favorites list.

    • I think some people have subscribed to my blog rather than relying on Facebook – for that very reason. For some reason, the links aren’t always compatible. I’m just excited that you like to read them enough that you actually took the time to add the URL to your favorite’s list!

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