The Marvel of Indoor Plumbing


No rocks at our house!

You can not appreciate the joy of having indoor plumbing until you have been jumping around on one leg for about an hour and your only choice is a rock or a smelly outhouse!  I grew up in the mountains of Colorado and in the summer, I would go to campsites with my girlfriend Susan and her Dad, who worked for the Forest Service.  His job was to build new campsites – and we would spend a couple of nights in the trailer and enjoy the woods during the day.  This wasn’t one of today’s fancy trailers which has a bathroom and a shower and sometimes even a jacuzzi – this was a trailer which had a place to sleep and that was it!  So, when you had to go — you used … a rock or an outhouse.   I’m not much for outhouses because they are stinky and there is something about staring into that dark hole that just totally freaks me out!  On the other, a rock is not a particularly great choice either — it’s hard, it’s cold and you are out in the open!  The other great part of outhouses (and probably rocks too!) is that when not being used by humans — animals find them very enticing.  So, when approaching an outhouse (or a rock), sometimes it’s best to let everyone in the woods know you are coming — so as not to surprise a bear!  Yes — indoor plumbing is definitely one of my favorite things!

This is all leading up to the fact that the plumbing for our new house has been laid in the basement floor and things are moving right along!  Pat climbed down in the basement and inspected the pipes — I don’t even want to know how he knows anything about sewer pipes!  It won’t be long now and they will start putting up the walls — but I’m really glad that the plumbing is in — I don’t think the homeowners association allows outhouses or ‘special rocks’ as part of our landscaping!

Inspector Pat and his pipes


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  1. Indoor plumbing! I guess we take it for granted unless we don’t have it. I recently watched an episode of “House Hunters International” and this woman bought a house in Portugal with an OUTDOOR bathroom. The toilet didn’t flush! Get this, after she bought it she said she’d adjusted to the outdoor bathroom, that it wasn’t so bad, but she put in a hot water heater because “you can’t live with cold showers”. I’m thinking I couldn’t live with an outdoor bathroom and a toilet that doesn’t flush! Funny how different people are.

    I hated camping precisely because of what you described, plus BUGS. Hated them. Hated sleeping on the lumpy ground. I am not a great camper. My idea of camping is renting a cottage on a lake with a nice bed, screens on the windows, and A/C as a back-up. Not into roughing it at all. And I knew people who’d wiped their asses with poison ivy leaves (by mistake) to that seemed like a big deterrent to me!

    Glad you’re getting your plumbing. Would be a drag to have toilets that don’t flush!

    • I saw that episode of House Hunters International! I thought she was CRAZY to buy that house — because of the toilet!

      Yeh – camping is much better in a nice cabin with all the amenities – although we usually pick one without TV so our children will talk to each other – plus we are out fishing all the time and where we go you really don t get reception anyway.

      • I’m not a big fan of having a t.v. in a vacation cottage, either. My husband gets freaked out if there is no t.v., but I prefer it. I’d rather read and sit outside in the sun and veg., or swim and perhaps row a bit, than watch t.v. on vacation.

      • We learned very early that the only way to make our children talk to us and to each other on vacation was to go where there is no cell phone reception, no WI-if and no TV. Amazing what they will do when they are bored!

  2. This is getting so is similar to watching a really good serial on TV, anticipating the next thrilling instalment.
    Of course the star of the show is Mr Pat, who is now an expert beaver, expert mole(was it a mole) and now an expert pipe-person.
    I am loving it

    • And Pat doesn’t know he’s the star yet! I’m just hoping he doesn’t insist on climbing on the roof when they get it done – I don’t think he has his flying skills perfected yet!

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