Two Bumps on a Log


Buddy Bumps

Some of us search our entire lives for our best buddy – that person who understands  us and helps us to be a better person.  In a lot of cases, that person is our spouse.  For some of us it is a childhood friend.  And for others, it is a person we just ‘happened’ to meet.  Then, there are those few lucky individuals who are part of the same family – like these two. 

Lizzie and Liam have had a special connection since the day Liam was brought home from the hospital.  The love they have for each other can be noisy and boisterous (as it is with most children) or it can be a quiet moment when they are completely at ease with each other and happy in the company of their ‘best buddy’.


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    • Yes – I have four younger sisters and we were very close growing up. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on who is mad at whom), we live very far apart now. Good thing we have e-mail and texting to irritate each!

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