We have lumber!


Our Sticks!

The lumber for our house arrived today — YIPPEEE!  That means that framing can’t be far away – and then windows and doors – and then the insides — and before you know it  — we’ll be moving!  Very exciting stuff.

Pat inspected the sticks (as Mr. Beaver taught him to call building material) to make sure that everything was in order.  It was quite muddy today because we had rain, hail and tornado watches today – so he wasn’t able to get too close to the wood.  I could tell that he wanted to get up close so he could inspect it the way he had been taught — sniffing, knocking and possibly taking a bite!  Maybe tomorrow he can do that — all except the tasting part!

The Gas Meter

In addition, we found that our gas meter had been installed on the side of the house and it looks like they started to level the garage to start pouring the concrete.  I have this urge to be out there not long after they have poured the concrete so we can put our handprints and names in it — just like one of the celebrities when they get their Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  I don’t think I would get the same reception as Sophia Loren or Lady Gaga – and they might actually be a little irritated with me for messing up their work!

For now, we will wait for the pile of sticks to become our home – and Pat will just have to take their word that the wood is good without taking a bite out of one of the sticks!


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    • House should be done by the middle of July – so we will move in by August 1st. We have to pay rent through the end of July – so we will use that time to paint the rooms the color we want – and put in the garage door opener. On some things, we are cheap — we didn’t want to pay the extra money to have all of the rooms painted the same color — so they will be white and I can buy a lot of different colors for the money they wanted. Plus — Pat has to have SOMETHING to do!

      • That’s right! The guy needs to do some painting to feel like he made his imprint on the house! Wouldn’t he hate it if he knew there were other women supporting your “Honey Do” list?! 😉

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