A Vacant Mind



Some days there is just nothing to write about.  It’s not writer’s block — there just isn’t anything to write about.  I don’t remember a funny story from my childhood – that I can repeat without being killed by or sued by my sisters.  I don’t have any great words of wisdom to share – I’m not an oracle and on most days I don’t even manage my own life well. I can’t think of any stories about my children – the ones I remember will guarantee that I never get another Mother’s Day present!  And, I’m leaving my poor husband, Pat alone for a while because if he leaves me I definitely won’t have anything to write about!

I don’t have any jokes which translate well into writing — I need my hands and facial expressions to tell really good jokes – otherwise, they are just silly stories.

There is no junk mail sitting on the kitchen table telling me about the great deals I can get if I visit a certain store this weekend and spend great gobs of money.

There is a thunderstorm raging – and we are in the middle of a tornado watch.  This only means that Pat will soon be standing outside watching the clouds spin over the house while I yell at him to get back inside the house where it is safe.  He isn’t videotaping anything — he just likes to watch the clouds.  I think he is waiting to be taken to Oz!

I haven’t traveled anywhere or taken a vacation — so no embarrassing pictures or stories to share.

I don’t have any pet  peeves I wish to air — It’s been a particularly peeve-free day.  

My thoughts have rambled all over my brain tonight, but they have all found an escape route unknown to me – so I am left sitting here, writing about the things I don’t have to write about — which can only mean that all my thoughts have left or found places to hide – and I have been left with a vacant mind.


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