Raptors in Omaha


I saw beautiful raptors tonight!  No — I haven’t lost my mind — I really saw raptors!  Silly person – I’m not talking about the kind that are seen in Jurassic Park — I’m talking real raptors – birds of preyhawks, falcons and owls!  We attended an event at the Images of Nature store (where they sell Thomas Mangelson pictures — which are AWESOME!) – and they were displaying raptors from the local Raptor Recovery Center.  So, I was able to get up close and take some good pictures – I’m not Thomas Mangelson – but I tried to at least take a picture which wasn’t blurry or where my thumb didn’t cover the lens — I think I succeeded.  All of the raptors were rescued due to injuries.  They are used for educational purposes because they can’t be set free due to their injuries.

There were small raptors – this is a burrowing owl.  She is pretty darn cute, isn’t she?

There were large raptors — this is a hawk.


Then we had some medium-sized ones — owls and falcons.

Horned Owl
But my favorite is this beautiful raptor — with her ringed face.

Among the beautiful photographs by Thomas Mangelson, I encountered real, live raptors – and oh, what rapture!


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  1. There are many hawks where I live–and I live in the city! They are mosty red-tailed hawks. Sometimes when I get up in the morning there will be one perched on the railing of my balcony. Wonderful morning blessing!

    • Red tailed hawks are great! We see a lot of them around here. We like to drive about 30 minutes from home and sit and watch the bald eagles — now THERE is a raptor!

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