Drive, Dream and Drool


Small Boats Only!

On Saturday or Sunday afternoons (and sometimes both afternoons), we drive around looking at houses.  Even though we are in the midst of building a new home, we like to look at houses in other neighborhoods – usually ones around lakes and other upscale places.  We have a game where we try to guess the price of any homes which are for sale – usually I win, Pat tends to under-guess the cost of a house. 

We drove around a great place today and ran across this wonderful water feature — it wasn’t enough that their backyard was a sandy beach on a HUGE lake — they felt the need to have a waterfall in the front yard.  So, if the lake ever dries up, they will have a waterfall to give them that burbling sound of the water – but they will have to downsize their boat!

Neighborhood Watch

We marvel at the size of the homes and the fact that we never see anyone outside!  There are no children – although there is usually playground equipment which costs more than my car in the backyard and there is no one grilling out – must not be able to afford any meat or food because of the house payment.  We did see a little activity today — this one lone ranger who apparently was also the neighborhood watch.  He didn’t bark or chase our car like dogs do in lower class neighborhoods — so he is obviously a dog of good breeding.  In fact, he stayed in his yard better than my own children stayed in theirs! 

On our Drive, Dream and Drool, we talk about what we would do if we had the kind of money that would allow us to build a house like the ones in these neighborhoods (average price is $1 million) – and although we wouldn’t turn down such a house if someone offered it to us — we both agree that if we had that kind of money, we probably wouldn’t build one of these mansions.  The main reason?  With all of that extra room (usually 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms) – we’re afraid our children would think it was okay to move back in with us!


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  1. Like your conclusion! I think having a bigger house must just mean bigger headache, more stress and more housework! No thanks. 🙂

    • Yeh – cleaning all of those rooms would be a real pain also — but if I could afford a house that big, I definitely would insist on a maid to go with it!

      • I always tell my husband, when I fantasize by looking at 7 million dollar houses, that to have a house like that you need a STAFF! Because he invariably says, when I ask him to look at pictures of such a house, “How would you clean it?”. With no indication that he would be helping, of course!

  2. We just went out and looked at a house today. It was an open house, the property had 8.4 acres but most of it was water! The house was in a bend in a river and had been a foundry — had a little creek (tributary) right next to the house (the house is literally built up to the creek), but further out across a lawn was the main part of the river, although it’s not a wide river by any means (not at the point where this house is). And this house owns 8.4 acres including the lawn and beyond the main part of the river! My goodness, the sound of water is so calming. I could just imagine myself living there. The backyard is ringed by old trees and had a closed-in feeling, a feeling of being protected and sheltered, I’d say.

    The inside wasn’t perfect but the back of the house had an addition, a double height room with large windows looking out to the view of the lawn/trees/river, and upstairs was a loft that looked out onto that view, too. They were using it as an office, but we thought it would make a perfect master bedroom (it had the biggest closet, too!).

    I’d say this is the first house my husband and I have looked at that we both agreed was a place we’d really like to live. Now we just have to get the jobs/finances in order . . . argh. Oh, well, maybe this house will wait for us.

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