Am I really THAT old?

John Wayne / Gail Russell

John Who?

There is no way I can be THAT old!  I know that my oldest child is 28 years old (soon to be 29) and my youngest is 22 (soon to be 23).  I know that I have not one, but two grandchildren – one of whom turned 4 years old today.  I know that the physician’s assistant who listens to my complaints had not been born when I graduated from high school.   I know that the checker at the grocery store has no idea who John Wayne or Charleston Heston were.  I know all of these things – but that doesn’t mean that I’m THAT old!  I know this because…

I still have all my own teeth – a lot of them have been crowned and have root canals – but they are all still mine.

I haven’t had a face lift, tummy tuck or other youth enhancing surgery.  Yes, I have a few crow’s-feet and I’m a little droopy in parts — but I just think I need to catch up on my sleep and then everything will be fine.

I can still wear my hair in a ponytail to give myself that youthful appearance.  I don’t do this when I am in need of some ‘color enhancement’ because of the halo effect caused by my lighter hair – but I still do it on occasion.

I have embraced technology – as evidenced by my blog, Facebook page and emails!  Not to mention digital photography. I still print the pictures — I need something to look at without the computer.  I also still send real letters and cards — I have friends who really ARE THAT old – and they don’t own a computer. 

I don’t regale my children with stories of ‘when I was a kid’.  Okay – I admit I tell stories about when they were kids and sometimes, just sometimes I tell stories about my childhood — but only to prove a point.

So, I’m pretty sure I am really NOT THAT old.  I’m a hip, happening kind of gal.  I can keep up with the best of them — whoever they are and if I could only remember where we were going!


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  1. Katie… You are the sweetest old friend…who still does send me cute cards on all my wedding anniversaries… Thank you sweet friend…


  2. That is a great post, I can remember John Wayne and all the older stars. That was in the days when stars WERE stars, not ‘celebs’ like they are today. When stars lasted for more than just one film and lived their lives unknown to the public.

    Thank you for that poignant reminder

    • Like you, I don’t need to know the sordid details of every celebrity out there! I have a hard time keeping track of my own skeletons, much less everyone else’s.

  3. LOL! I feel the same way. I remember watching the Merv Griffin show in the afternoons too–and liking it. AND I became a grandmother a couple of months ago. Albeit a young-ish grandmother at 45, but still…;-)

  4. Do you text? Do you have a land line? Do you actually answer your phone?! I wish I could think I was not yet old, but I know in my secret mind that I may be a bit over the hill, by now, not that I love to admit it!

    • I do text — that’s the only way my children answer their phones – totally weird. They don’t answer the phone and they don’t listen to voice mail — but they do read their texts. Go figure!

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