Filthy Beasts


When I picked up Pat (my hubby) at his mother’s tonight, I was greeted by a couple of filthy beasts.  Pat was mowing the lawn while I was having dinner with some girlfriends. (For those of you who might be worried that Pat was left starving — his mother fed him – so he was just fine!).  He had a couple of helpers who helped him finish this chore – but I suspect they spent most of their time just running back and forth.

These filthy beasts were strapped into their car seats when I arrived, ready to go home with their mom – who had stopped by to visit great-grandma and grandpa.  Two blue eyes and two green eyes looked out from faces camouflaged by different layers of dirt and whatever they ate for dinner (it looked like something with catsup!).  I did see some white teeth when they smiled at my arrival – but otherwise they blended right in with the flora and fauna!

Their clothes were filthy, their hands were filthy and their toes were filthy.  They had grass in their hair and probably in their ears — I would suspect there was probably even some in their underwear!

Upon my arrival, the filthy beasts immediately wanted a hug and a kiss before they went home to get cleaned up.  Did I hesitate?  Did I ask for something to clean them up first?  Heck no! 

After all — it is a well-known fact that a kiss and a hug from a couple of Filthy Beasts will bring out the Beauty in you!


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  1. The original Filthy Beast was played by Cary Grant in Father Goose. Were you transformed from SMOG into his leading lady, Leslie Carone?

    • I LOVE that movie! Since I was kissed by two small Filthy Beasts and not Cary Grant, I think I will have to settle for being transformed from SMOG to just plain old me.

  2. Absolutely wonderful to know that there are still children around who are allowed to get dirty. So many nowadays are hygienically brought up that they no longer of the fun of playing with dirt….
    great stuff especially with the worms

    love P

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