No Jimmy Hoffa here…


New basement floor

At least I don’t think they hid him under my NEW CONCRETE!  Yes, they laid the concrete in my basement and my garage.  Plus, I now have a driveway and STEPS!  I feel like Tom Hanks in The Money Pit – “We have Stairs!”  I had to fight the urge to put my handprint and signature in the damp cement – Pat reminded me that the house is not ours until we close in July – and construction workers get very testy with people who ruin their hard work.  Since I want everything to work in the house when we move in – it’s best to keep them happy!

The front steps

Pat inspected how his fellow beavers laid the mud and smoothed it out.  He walked around the perimeter and made sure they put drains in the floor in the appropriate places and looked at is as closely as he could without actually getting nose prints in the new stuff. 

The inspector!

If the weather holds, I’m sure they will lay the floor tomorrow and start framing the house.  It’s hard to believe that in about two months we will be moving into our house – and today, we are one step closer to that day!


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