Walls & Trash


The garage!

First Momentous Occasion (The Good One) — They started framing our house today!  The floor is down and the garage is framed.  I’m hoping for good weather tomorrow so they can finish the framing and get the roof up.  Then, if they follow the same time frame as the houses around us – the house will get it’s shingles, windows and doors within about one week!  Amazing!

Second Momentous Occasion (The Crazy One) — Lizzie (my granddaughter) decided to help Grandpa take out the garbage.  If you have read my previous post concerning my husband and his love of junk, you will know where this is going.  Yes — it is true — Lizzie came back to the apartment with a ‘wonderful suitcase’ which they had found in the trash!  My husband is not happy just teaching his grandchildren how to fish – he has decided that they need his insanity surrounding taking things out of the trash!  I will be so glad when we move to our new home and when Pat takes out the trash, he won’t have anyone else’s garbage to sort through — and if I catch him going down the street searching for treasures I’m either going to have him committed or talk the networks into a reality show about his obsession and how he insists on infecting his grandchildren with the same craziness!


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  1. Congrats on finally getting something built on your house! Jen told me you guys were building.. that is soo exciting! Jen said she was going to take my by it when I come visit in 2 wks! ALSO-Pat’s love of ‘junk’ has for sure rubbed off on Lizzie a long time ago-but to her they are her treasures-and she cracks me up haha !

  2. Sorry Katie, but I love Pat and his trash. What would you have to write about if he suddenly stopped collecting and became normal. Oh No, that would never do…and to teach his grandchildren the art of collecting good trash only goes to prove what an excellent Grandfather he is!

    Nice to see the house coming along at a good pace

    love P

    • I don’t think there is any danger of Pat becoming normal – and it is apparent he has spread his lunacy to the next generation. Lizzie has her treasures’ which are bits of stuff she finds everywhere – so I’ll be able to write about her trash also – as long as neither of them shows up on a Hoarder show — I’ll be fine!

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