Baseball, Fireworks and a Near-Death Experience

The baseball is the most fundamental piece of ...

One Part of the Evening

We spent the evening at a baseball game between my alma mater – Creighton University and Missouri.  We weren’t sure we were going to be able to go since it had been raining all day and as far as I’m concerned, there is absolutely no sport which warrants sitting in the cold rain!  It’s hard to cheer when your teeth are chattering – or clap your hands when there is no feeling in them!  Besides baseball is supposed to be about summer, warmth and being able to feel your body parts — football is that stupid sport where it is okay that your nose is running and you are wearing four layers of clothing – which I’m convinced is why people scream more at football — clapping is muffled by all of those layers of clothing!

Well – it didn’t rain so we were able to enjoy the game (Creighton won 3-1), eat a hotdog (which is a requirement when going to any ballgame), share some popcorn and cheer for our team.  The game was a salute to our military so it was really inspiring to listen to the young serviceman sing the National Anthem — actually that is my favorite part of the game!  I’m always amazed at the players because they can slide feet-first into a base and jump up to their two feet without having to turn over on their stomachs, push themselves up on their knees and get help up from the ground – amazed isn’t the right word — jealous is the right word.  I wish I could jump up that way — but I’m so out of shape I have to sit in a chair with arms on it so I can push myself out!  Not a pretty sight!

After the game, we were treated to fireworks – again while the young serviceman sang a couple of songs — very nice.  Fireworks are always a great way to end the entire experience — lots of oohs, aws and clapping – and that’s from the adults!

Tonight’s game was a little more memorable because of the 9th inning.  Not because of anything that happened on the field – but because of what happened to Pat (my hubby) in the stands!  We had seats along the third base line, very close to the field.  Pat had been hoping all evening that a foul ball would be hit our way so he could catch it and bring it home as a trophy of his athletic abilities.  Little did Pat know that he was about to have a near-death experience from just that thing.  To use Pat’s own words — “The ball had a bead on me!  It passed so close to my head I could see how it was spinning and count the stitches on the ball!  If I hadn’t had such good reflexes I could have been killed!  I would have eaten that ball!  Oh my God!”  As usual, Pat does exaggerate a little bit (see his reaction to flying) – but the ball did come fast and hard towards him – but he jumped out of the way like a gazelle – I haven’t seen him move that fast in over 20 years!

So, at the end of the evening we had seen a great game, enjoyed some great fireworks and now have a great story of how a baseball almost left it’s mark on Pat!


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