Oh No, Don’t Let the Rain Come Down…


Get that roof done!

Oh no, don’t let the rain come down – my roof’s got a hole in it and I might drown!  I thought of this old song while I was watching them put the roof on our house today – knowing that we were supposed to have a thunderstorm later in the day (which we did – complete with hail!).  In our case – the roof isn’t even on yet — so I really wanted it to be complete before the end of the day!

Pat (my hubby) spent a lot of time taking pictures of the entire process — lifting the roof piece with a large crane and putting it in place where the men nailed them into place.  They will then cover it with plywood and I think that by Monday our roof will have its shingles!

We went back later and walked through the house and can see where everything is going to be located.  We had one moment where we thought they were building the house wrong because we thought we had a double window in the front – but it turns out that because we didn’t get a full front porch, we only get a single window.  Pat thinks it’s because the structure can only support a double window if there is a roof overhang with the porch to give it more support.  It doesn’t really matter – that window is for the guest bedroom and we have seven windows on the back of the house – plenty of windows to wash!

It seems like every day there is a lot more done on the house – and there should be since we are supposed to move in July!


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  1. Moving and building houses takes longer than we think. The paperwork and legal process can be overwhelming. Good luck.

    • This is an interesting company – and since it isn’t a ‘custom’ home, they guarantee a date once all of the framing is done. I think our biggest problem will be the weather! Keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain and hail every day!

  2. How exciting! I’ve missed a few entries. Had to go back to work and my time has become more limited. Thrilled to see the framing is taking place. Hard to believe it will all be done in 2 mos. and you’ll be moving into your brand new house! Wow. Of course, weather is always a factor, but things seem to be moving along at a good clip.

    Question: is Pat going to be taking his hoard o’ things to the new place? Or are you trying to weed them out (and get rid of them) before you move? Just wondering.

    • Pat will be taking SOME of his treasures to the new house. There will be a great purging, a lot of arguing and some tears (on Pat’s part). The basement is unfinished and the treasures which are worth keeping will be kept.

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