My cookie has been pollinated!


The wisest person in the family!

I received a lot of wisdom and a lot of chuckles from my grandchildren today – mostly from my granddaughter, Lizzie who just turned four years old.  I love talking to children this age because they cut through all the clutter and they take everything at face value – and usually little tidbits of wisdom come out of their mouths.  It is a shame that they don’t write at this age because their descriptions are usually exactly the right thing to say about something and convey the picture better than any award-winning writer could ever think of doing!

“Hey God – can you come down and play?”  Before Mass today we were trying to explain to Lizzie that God was all around us and up in Heaven.  We explained that we can talk to God by saying our prayers.  Of course, this is when Lizzie turned her face to the sky (or in this case the ceiling) asked God to come play.  Shouldn’t we all be asking God to come play with us?  We are always ready to ask Him to solve our problems, help a loved one or ourselves or help us acquire or achieve something.  We forget to ask Him to play with us – to be a part of the good times in our lives.  I’m not talking about saying thank you after something good as happened – but inviting Him to just hang out and play.  I think Lizzie has the right idea.”

“My cookie has been pollinated!”  Lizzie spent a lot of time today telling me about the bumblebee she spotted in her flowers.  She knew he was stealing pollen from her flowers (her words, not mine).  I explained that the bee was going to take the pollen to another flower and sprinkle it with the pollen so we could have new flowers.  She thought that was pretty cool.  After lunch we had a sugar cookie for dessert.  When the sugar cookie which was frosted and had sprinkles, was delivered to Lizzie she screamed with delight — “Look my cookie has been pollinated!” — which is a pretty accurate description of the sprinkles on her cookie.  I really like that image – but I know we won’t be getting any baby cookies out of the deal!

We should listen to our children – even if it appears they are talking nonsense – because they give us a special view of the world which we have lost over time.  We have forgotten the joy of watching an ant crawl over a leaf – mainly because we are too busy to sit still and just watch — which is why we are given children.  Children make us slow down, watch the ants and the birds and leaves – and listen to a joyous voice tell us how the world should be viewed.


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  1. “Look, my cookie has been pollinated!” is priceless! Kids are amazingly direct and so fresh in their observations. I love when you share stories about your grandchildren. You seem to enjoy them so very much.

  2. Very, very sweet. Nice that you captured it for the archives, too. Lizzie can read this when she is older – perhaps with kids of her own, sharing similar words of wisdom.

  3. Children are so literal – it really reminds you of the joy of living in the moment. Some blackmail for the future doesn’t hurt either 🙂

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