I want my couch here and the chair here …


Testing doors and windows

The roof is on and the interior walls are framed!  We walked through the house today and tried to ‘see’ where we would put furniture and hang pictures – at least that’s what I did!  Pat?  Well, he inspected.

He knocked on the wood to make sure it wasn’t hollow – do they build with hollow wood?  Is there such a thing as hollow wood?  I’m sure there is but why would they put it in a house?  Luckily, he didn’t find any so he was pleased.

He hung out windows and doors to make sure they ‘looked good’ – whatever that means.  They are holes in the wall at this point — so I don’t know what ‘looks good’ means.

He walked up and down the stairs to the basement, the garage and the front door – to make sure they weren’t rickety.  There isn’t anything else in the house – and the walls aren’t built – of course, they are rickety!  The front steps passed with no problem – because they are made out of CONCRETE!

He walked around the perimeter of the house to make sure everything was connected properly.  I don’t know what that means since they only have the plywood part up.  They still have to put siding and other stuff up.

He stared up at the ceiling, looking at the roof from the underside.  He thought it was done quite well because there ‘was so much wood up there!’  I’m only quoting what I heard.

The breeze will be just fine!

He stood in the middle of the house to measure the breeze coming through the house and determined that the cross ventilation was more than adequate – so we would be able to leave windows open to get a nice breeze!

He tried to visualize the deck off the back but unfortunately that will have to wait for another time because the it’s hard to get a good idea about the deck due to the earth being really uneven and rutted due to recent rains.

Over all, the house passed its first inspection.  I’m sure we will have many more such conversions — and by the time we are done I will know exactly where I want my furniture – and Pat will know exactly how many pieces of wood were used to build the house!


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  1. Do you get to pick the interior finishes? You’ve got a strong relationship if you can survive that stress!

    One suggestion: the ‘chalkboard paint’ works really weLl in the bedrooms for the princess and prince.

    • Hearthstone (our builders) make you pick all of that out before they even start building. In fact, you can’t sign the sales agreement until that is done. We went to a Choice Studio where we picked out all of the upgrades and knew right then what the price would be. I wasn’t the problem — Pat wanted to upgrade EVERYTHING – even the door knobs! I just let him do what he wanted and then I can’t be blamed later.

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