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Neighborhood Watch

Lizzie and Liam (my grandchildren) are making themselves at home in our new house – even though it isn’t done yet.  They are learning to run around the entire house – which is very easy since there are no walls yet.  They are running in the garage – they just need to avoid the new doors and windows.  We had to scream at them a couple of times to stay away from the stairs which lead to the dark, scary basement – because there is no door to keep them out yet.

We did have to keep them out of the yard because we had one heck of a thunderstorm earlier today so my house is surrounded by a moat and a sea of mud.   Their mother would have killed me if I had let them pretend to take a mud bath for their complexion so we had to keep them ‘in’ the house – which of course without windows, doors or interior walls is not as ‘in’ as you think.

Grandpa started teaching them the finer points of irritating our neighbors.  He taught them how to look out the window – or where the window will be – and scream with delight whenever they saw something of interest – which at their age is about every 10 seconds.

By the time we officially move into the neighborhood, everyone will already know us as those crazy people with the wild grandchildren.  The only difference from our old neighbors?  We were the crazy people with the wild children.  Some things never change.


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  1. Oh how kids bring us back to reality…the neighbors will love you all. I am so sure of it the kids are adorable. You are like the fifth person who moved this year that I know of and I am moving too. Ugh.

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