Were you born in a barn?


Knock, Knock

Every time we left the front or back door open, my mother would always yell ”Were you born in a barn? Shut that door!”  Well, now I can say that — because we have doors on our house – and windows too!  We even have our garage door – who knew one could get so excited about something as common as doors and windows.

They couldn’t do much else today because it rained all day long.  In fact, we were surprised to see the doors and windows because we figured no one would have worked today because of the rain!  However, just because we have doors and windows doesn’t mean that the inside of the house is nice and dry!  They haven’t shingled the roof yet — so there are gaps which let the puddles form on the floor.  There is also water in the basement because the roof was open for a couple of days during these rain storms.  We have been assured that all of this be dried up soon – and to Pat’s credit, he insisted on getting a sump pump (which hasn’t been installed yet) to keep the basement dry!

The bathtubs are sitting in my front room right now – and not out in the mud, thank goodness.

Every day is a new discovery — hopefully tomorrow the roof will be done and then the real work begins – the interior.  I can hardly wait to go to the house every night to check on the next big installment.  Our ‘barn’ is becoming a home!


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