We have Shingles!


No more puddles in the house!

No — not the disease!  I share a lot of things on my blog, but I’m not about to share what disease I might have, which body parts droop now that I’m over 50 or my general aches and pains.  Heck, my doctor gets bored with that litany – so I definitely wouldn’t put it out in the blogosphere to bore an entire world!

No — today we went by the house thinking that it was the first nice day we have had all week — no rain, minimal wind and moderate temperatures.  We were hoping that the roof had been put on and that it would be shingled – and we weren’t disappointed.

Pat inspected the shingles – they had left a package in the driveway like they knew he would want to see them up close.  He was satisfied with the quality and I was happy no more rain would get into the house!

This means that the real work of making the inside look like a real house instead of a bunch of naked trees congregating in groups to gossip.


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