Creighton University Wins the Missouri Valley Championship!


2011 Missouri Valley Champions

It was an AWESOME game!  Creighton University‘s baseball team played the Wichita State Shockers and won the 2011 Missouri Valley Championship 3-1.  It was a lot of fun watching my alma mater win the trophy and know that they are going on the regionals and try to make it all the way to the College World Series.  Creighton has not been in the College World Series since 1992 – so it would be wonderful to see them play in the series the first year it is on our new stadium.  I might even have to buy a couple of tickets to go to the game – especially since the stadium is so nice.

Of course the game wouldn’t have been complete without the running commentary from my husband, Pat.  He brought a baseball glove so he could catch a foul ball if it came our way (since he missed it the last time when he was almost KILLED by the ball!).  It didn’t matter that the baseball glove actually belonged to our son, Tim who is left-handed – which Pat is not.  He was going to catch that ball no matter what.

We sat in great seats on the third base line which meant the only fouls hit in our direction were the ones hit by left-handed batters.  There were lots of fouls — but none directly at us or even close.  That didn’t keep Pat from producing a running commentary of his favorite phrases –

Getting ready to throw some peas

“He’s throwing peas.”  I guess this means he is throwing really hard, fast balls.

“They’re being shelled.”  People in certain areas of the stadium are having a lot of foul balls hit into their midst.

‘They’re smokin’.”  The balls are coming really, really fast.

“They’re dialing in.”  The batter is hitting foul balls closer and closer to us — so it is just a matter of time before we get one.

These witticism go on for 9 innings – they are funny for the first two.  When we get really tired of hearing them, we send him for popcorn and soda, which usually takes most of an inning since he has to wait in line so long – which gives us a little break.

We had a good time – and it was even better because our team won!  Congrats to the Creighton Bluejays!  Job well done!


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