Holes, Pipes and Ductwork



They have started the work to put the pipes in for the plumbing – sawing through the floor and setting the bathtubs inside for placement.   We also found the new furnace and duct-work in the garage.

We’ve reached the point in the construction now where we will need to get a key from the main office to look at the inside of the house.  Since the house is not officially ours until the papers are signed, we don’t have a key to the front door – and I don’t want Pat to get arrested for trespassing.  Plus, I don’t think we want to meet our neighbors because they called the police to report ‘vandals’ on our property!  Probably would not make a good first impression.

Bath time?

This means that we will only be able to see progress on the house when the main office is open – and usually they are closed by the time we get off work.  So although we can drive by every night and stare into the windows (I don’t think we will get arrested for being peeping tom’s since no one lives in the place yet) – we won’t be able to actually see any of the work done until Saturdays.

It’s hard to believe that we will be in the house within the next 8 weeks!  I can hardly wait!


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