One Filled with Joy Preaches Without Preaching

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Sharing the joy

This is a great quote by Blessed Mother Theresa and appropriate into today’s world where people only do things because they have to or someone told them to or because it is expected.  I particularly wanted to write about this today because of the WordPress suggestion to write about my least favorite teacher.  It made me think about why a teacher might be my least favorite and it all came back to attitude – not an attitude towards me in particular, but an attitude about teaching.

Those teachers who connect with the students and impart not only knowledge but a love of learning are those teachers who are filled with joy.

They are filled with the joy of opening a child’s mind to the wonders of this world.

They are filled with the joy of seeing the hidden potential in a youngster and finding a way to coax it out of hiding.

They are filled with the joy of watching a child realize that he or she is capable of great things.

So, my least favorite teacher?  That would be the teacher who forgot about the joy of learning and the wonder of discovery.  These teachers have let the disappointments over-shadow the triumphs and that is what guides them in the classroom.  They have forgotten to share their own joy of learning, reading and discovery with their children and have fallen into the trap of simply giving information.

We all know that the teacher who was most important in our lives is not the one which was the least favorite — but the one who was so filled with the joy of teaching that it overflowed and took us along for the ride – and as a result, we received more than knowledge – we received the joy of discovery, the joy of enlightenment and the joy of the realization that we are all capable of great things!


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  2. At the end of a school year, it is hard to summon the joy I usually feel in teaching, but I know, come August, I will be ready to share that joy with a whole new group of students. Thanks for reminding me about the most important part of teaching!

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