Furnace, Tub and Washing Machine


furnace pipe

They went to all of that trouble to put on the room, lay the floor and put up the walls – and now they are cutting holes in them!  The first hole I noticed was the one at the top of the roof – but that one seemed to be necessary since there was a large silver pipe going out of it which turned out to be connected to our furnace.  Yes – we have a furnace — wonderful!

The next hole was above our back porch – but it had a white pvc pipe coming out of it which led to the guest bathroom – and we have a tub/shower and the plumbing for the toilet and sink!  Yippee!

The third hole was in the master bedroom  ceiling and had the same white pipe which in this case was connected to the master bathroom — which now had pipes for toilet, sink – and the tub/shower was installed!  Coming along nicely.

I then noticed there were holes in the floor which silver peeping through — they had cut the vents and installed the ducts!  Things keep getting better!

More pipes!

As I walked to the garage, I noticed that the plumbing for the washer had been installed — which means we will have clean clothes.

I looked in the garage and I noticed that the siding for the house had arrived — which means that there is a good possibility that our siding will put up by the end of next week!  It looks more like a ‘real’ house every day!

I can hardly wait to have walls — and interior doors, floors and carpet.  Before we know it the landscaping will be put in and we will be moving!  I don’t know if I can stand all of the excitement (which gives you a good indication of exactly how boring my life is on most days!).


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