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The right cow?

Parties who want milk should not seat themselves on a stool in the middle of a field in hope that the cow will back up to them.  ~~Elbert Hubbard

We’ve all known these types of individuals – and in fact, sometimes we ARE that individual!  You know — the one who thinks that everything will come their way if they just wait patiently – don’t rock the boat, don’t go after something — just wait and it will come to you.

These are the same individuals who wonder why they’ve never found the right person to marry, the right job, the right house, the right car – the right anything!  After all — they’ve been sitting on the right stool in the right field – so the right cow must be out there just waiting to come by this very place!  They will sit for years and grow old, staring out into space at an empty field because of a fear that if they move, the cow won’t be able to find them.

Then there are the individuals who won’t let any of the cows stop at his stool – because they know that there is a better cow coming along.  The cow is never perfect — not fat enough, not skinny enough, the wrong color, the wrong breed – or maybe just didn’t smell right!  They’ll push cows away from their stool over and over again until finally the cows give up and walk right on by.  They don’t care because those cows aren’t good enough anyway – and once again they end up growing old in an empty field, dreaming about what could have been if the cow they deserved had shown up.

Don’t be one of these people — get off your stool and wander the field – or even leave the field if necessary and look for your cow.    You will never get any milk if you don’t go after it – even if it means leaving a comfortable spot and taking a chance.  Your cow may not be perfect but the milk will be just as sweet because YOU got off your stool and made it happen – instead of waiting for something that might have been.



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  1. WOW! Katie that is VERY deep thoughts…most philosophical….
    where did it all come from?
    Are there cows near to your house?
    I agree with what you say, hang around waiting for the right thing to happen and then realize that life has passed you by.

    love P

    • Actually we are in the middle of cattle country! Nebraska is known for its corn-fed beef — great steaks! And I was raised in cattle country in Colorado. No milk cows – but ‘eating’ cows.

      Just thought the quote was appropriate for people waiting for something to happen TO them!

  2. Love your post! Unfortunately, the ones who wait for life to happen (or are so picky as to bypass every opportunity that comes along) are not sufficiently self-aware to understand why they are losing out.

    Failure has such a stigma, but there is no way to succeed without having a few (okay, a lot) along the way.


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