The Baby


The Baby's Birthday

Today was “The Baby’s” birthday.  She is no longer a baby – she has graduated from college, is a registered nurse and is married – so that would disqualify her from being a baby any longer.  However – she will always be “The Baby” to her father and me.  It is crazy to think that so many years have gone by since we brought home The Baby.

She was our c-section baby and because her birth was scheduled, she was born sound asleep.  This beautiful baby girl was handed to her father, sleeping peacefully and she has been daddy’s girl ever since.  She wasn’t any more special than our other three children – she was just “The Baby” – which meant that she was spoiled by three more people (her brothers and sister) than the other children.

I don’t think she knew she had a name until she was about four years old because we all just referred to her as “The Baby.”  Be quiet, The Baby is sleeping.  Don’t take that away from The Baby.  No, The Baby is not going back to the hospital.  Be nice to The Baby.

When The Baby blew out her candles today, I was pretty sure she wasn’t wishing for a pony (although you can never be quite sure with her) – but I know that so far, all of our wishes for The Baby have come true – and there are many more to come!


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  1. Happy Birthday to Baby….

    My daughters are now 53…. 51 and 38 and two of them are Grandmothers but to me they are still ‘ my babies’ and always will be

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