But what if I want to change the color?


Just the right color!

When we first started talking about building our house, the discussion was less about the house than what Pat (my hubby) would not have to do about the house.  Our new home is a ‘villa’ and for a monthly fee they will take care of things like the lawn, snow shoveling, garbage and stuff.  Sounded like heaven to me!

However, for some reason he seemed to be disappointed that he wouldn’t have to mow our lawn any longer – although he will still have his mother’s lawn, our daughter’s lawn and sometimes his friend’s lawn to mow, so I think he will manage to get his exercise and outdoor time!

Then he was complaining about shoveling the walk in the winter – I know, really weird – but he was going to miss shoveling the walk and the driveway.  Again — he will probably still have at the very least his mother’s to shovel.  I also reminded him that the time he spent shoveling, he can now spend having snowball fights with his grandchildren – which he will enjoy so much more!

Another issue that seemed to bother him because he thought they were ‘stealing work’ from him was the fact that once a year, they will wash out outside windows.  I found this very curious since over the past 30 years I can only remember Pat washing exactly one outside window (not all of them – just one).

Lastly, he focused on the house and the fact that it has permanent siding — so we don’t have to paint it ever again!  Wonderful!  No more watching it fade and chip and then trying to pick out a new color — and ending up picking something very similar to the current color!  Always having to paint in the heat of the summer — and I didn’t see any way this could be a bad thing.  Pat, of course, whined about the fact that he wouldn’t be able to change the color!  I reminded him that over the last 30 years, our current has stayed the same general yellow color – even though we have painted it four times!

After much discussion, all of Pat’s concerns were wiped away and he decided that since all of these mundane things were going to be handled, he would be able to spend his time doing something truly useful.  He would be able to finally sort and catalog his vast “collection” of priceless treasures – you know that stuff that most people call junk.  I’ve already told him that many of his treasures are going to be left in a special place called a dumpster.  He will be allowed to bring some stuff with him — but his notes from college which were written in pencil and have faded will not be coming – nor will the 1965 set of encyclopedias – or the various parts to things which no longer exist.  The 1948 Willy’s Jeep will be coming — so instead of painting the house, mowing the lawn or washing the windows – maybe he can get it to run again after 30 years of sitting in the garage – maybe.


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  1. Hehe. How likely do you really think it is that that Jeep will ever run again?! 😉 I have to admit that I’m the hoarder in this house and am always keep things ‘just in case’, it drives my husband mad! You’ll have plenty of fun and ‘heated discussions’ when it comes to packing up. 😉

    • Not very likely! I’m hoping to get rid of at least a dumpster’s worth of stuff – that will still leave him about two dumpsters of stuff!

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