If I were a rich man…

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or woman in this case — what would I do?  Every Wednesday and Friday, my hubby and I have this conversation about what we would do if we won the lottery.  Why those days?  Well – those are the days they draw the numbers for the Powerball – so we try to limit our gambling and total break with reality to two days a week.  The other days are already taken up with various levels of insanity – so we can only have a total break for very short periods of time – and then back to real life!

We have decided that we don’t need the GIANT jackpot – which starts at $20 million and today is at $200 million.  Not that we would turn it down if we won it – but maybe if we aim small, the Lady Luck will reward us by just letting us win a few hundred thousand.  So far she has only rewarded us with about  very small amounts like $3 or $7.  It looks like we will have to dream of getting the millions in order to have Lady Luck give us a few hundred thousand!

Let’s start with the small dreams.  We would like to win enough to pay off all of our credit cards and pay for all of our children’s student loans – and then have enough left over to take a nice trip to Europe.  By nice trip, I mean really nice trip — Rome, Greece, Paris, Ireland — all of the spots that every tourist wants to see.

And the big dreams?  In addition to the small dreams, we would buy a home in Hawaii on the beach, set up trust funds for my grandchildren, travel extensively, buy a home in the mountains, help out relatives – and generally enjoy life.

So – what would you do if you won the lottery – large or small amounts? Travel?  Buy a yacht and sail the world? Hide out in a cave so no one would bug you?  It would just be nice to have options from which to choose – and know that money wasn’t what was holding you back.

Gotta go — it’s time to check our tickets.  Time to see if our small or large dream came true – or if we can buy a soda with our winnings!


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  1. We play this game too. Unfortunately, we don’t always remember to buy tickets, and you know what they say – you can’t win if you don’t play!

    Like you, we would pay off debt (credit card, car loans, mortgage). We would then make improvements to our house (gut and re-do bathroom, put on a screened porch, re-do kitchen), give money to our siblings, donate to charity (probably our church), and travel. We don’t need multi-millions to get all this done. We figure $1M would do it, with plenty left over to save for a rainy day.

    • Multi-millions would just make strange people (some of them relatives) camp out on my doorstep wanting money. Less than that and they don’t even have to know that we won anything!

      By the way — didn’t win ANYTHING last night. Will have to try again for Saturday!

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