What I have learned


A journey worth taking

I have been posting daily since the beginning of the WordPress Post A Day Challenge – and before that was posting about 2-3 times a week.  There have been days where it has been a struggle to post something – even though I had promised myself not to stew about such things and just write what came to mind, I often sat in front of the computer screen and just stared for long periods of time.  Usually, it was during those times that I would decide to just write about the first thing I saw or thought about – and those seemed to be the posts that were the most widely read and enjoyed.  Go figure!

So – what lessons have I learned from this experience?  Were they the lessons I expected to learn?  Did I learn anything or just reinforce what I already knew?  It’s complicated.

I learned that if you put your mind to it you can write about anything – and I do mean ANYTHING.  I’ve written about junk mail and global warming – both meant to be funny and yet, stirred such emotions in some people that I was overwhelmed by it!  I’ve written about playing cards and playing baseball/teeball – and hopefully made people giggle just a little.  I’ve even written about words that make me smile.  Heck, I’ve even written about things I won’t write about – or how vacant my mind can be.  So what exactly did I learn?  Well, I learned that if you think about things from a different perspective and just let your mind wander aimlessly — sometimes it gets really silly and things start spilling out.  The key is to start typing when the spilling starts and to not get washed away in the waterfall.  Usually, these pieces are lots of fun to write.

I thought I would learn to write better – and I don’t know if I have or not.  I know that I write more now and they say practice makes perfect.    Writing a lot does not make anyone a good writer.  However, not writing at all is not an option either.  I think it is a different question than if I am writing better — I think the question has become am I the writer I want to be – and my answer would be that I’m getting there.

I don’t think I’ve come away from this experience unchanged.  I spend more time thinking about how the world looks to me and what I can share to make people smile or think about their own lives.  I work hard not to become too preachy – but it doesn’t always work.

The one thing that hasn’t change over the last few months — I still firmly believe that my place in this world is to make people feel more normal by sharing stories of my dysfunctional bunch and our love of each other and life!


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