But there are more fireworks behind us!


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We took the grandchildren to watch the fireworks at a local ballpark this evening.  We don’t actually go to the ballpark which is located out in the middle of a bunch of fields – instead, we park along the back of the park on a dirt road and watch the show how it is supposed to be watched – on a blanket laying on the grass in the complete darkness.  Definitely the only way to watch a fireworks show!

Lizzie and Liam still ‘ooooh’ and ‘awwwww’ at the fireworks – and we are usually leading the chorus.  We love fireworks – we love the color, the flash and boom which reverberates through your body and echos everywhere.  We try to watch every firework show in the area – and that means almost every Friday night during the summer — pure heaven!

Luckily Lizzie and Liam love fireworks also — but last night as we were watching the fireworks, Lizzie kept looking behind us and missing some of the biggest explosions of color.  I kept trying to re-focus her on the actual show, but as soon as one would go off she would quickly turn around and look behind her.  Finally, I asked her what the heck was going on.

“Lizzie, the fireworks are in front of us.  What are looking at?”

“I’m waiting for the other fireworks.”

“Those will be in front of us – not behind us.”  The car was pretty dirty, so I was sure she wasn’t watching them in the reflections of the car.

“No Grandma.  There is another show behind us.  I can hear it but I can’t see it.”

That’s when it dawned on me that Lizzie was hearing the echo of the booms and thought there was another show going on behind us — because the booms are always a little behind the actual explosion — so she figured there must be an entire show she was missing.

It’s impossible to describe a firework boom to a 4-year-old – heck, it’s hard to explain this to some adults.  So, after arguing with her for a short period (who’s the dumb one – the 4-year-old or the person arguing with her?) – I decided that tonight, Lizzie was just going to see half a fireworks show – and think she was cheated out of another.  She seemed to fine with that – I was the frustrated one because she was missing so many beautiful colors.  So again — who was acting like a four-year-old – the one who was frustrated or the one who accepted the situation?


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  1. Kind of an interesting question. I guess she is still very much in the realm of possibility. You and I have graduated to what “is”. Which is better? I’d choose her viewpoint, when nothing is impossible, yet. But I’m well beyond that thinking now. 😦

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