It’s starting to look like a REAL house!


My living room!

It just takes a little drywall to make a shell start to look like a house!  They put up drywall today and now we can really see what the rooms will look like and how big they are!  The walls are still rough – but at least the rooms now have dimensions!

Since the drywall is up, HearthStone Homes (our builders) can set the date for our closing — so in five weeks we will be in our house!!!  This is so awesome!  We have never owned a brand-new home, so we are pretty excited by the whole process.  We walked around the house tonight and could really see where all of our furniture is going to fit – and how much bigger the house is than we were imagining without the walls.

It really is an odd thing — you would thing without barriers, things would actually look bigger.  However, that doesn’t seem to be the case – which Pat proved when he walked around The Hole and the walked around the basement after the cement had been poured.  The basement and layout were much bigger when you could actually see the dimensions.  The same thing happened today when we saw real walls and not just two-by-whatevers (I never know what size the darn things are!).  I think our brains make things smaller because we don’t want to be disappointed when the real barriers show up.  So far we aren’t disappointed — we like everything we have seen!

No popsicles here!

The outside of the house has its siding and we even have our shutters on the front window.  It really does look like a real house instead of a school project made out of popsicle sticks!


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  1. If you really want to see how big the house will be just pretend you have a vacuum in your hand and walk around! You then will see it is much bigger than expected! And you will be tired without even having picked up a thing!

    • That’s why we made sure that there isn’t carpet in the entryway and eating area — that much less to vacuum! Plus — that’s why I keep Pat around!

  2. I can believe how fast this has gone. All the horror storeis I’ve heard and your place is moving along at such a fast clip! So happy for you. Can’t wait to see what it looks like after you move all your stuff in.

    • It has gone really fast — but because of that, we feel like if nothing happens every day we are going too slow. Sort of like people who gripe about the fact it takes 1 minute to boil water in the microwave!

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