I’m so confused!


I could have sworn it was June – but then I see  hockey on TV – so it must still be winter.  But, no wait – the College World Series starts here in Omaha next week – so maybe it is summer!  No, that can’t be either because basketball just finished yesterday and that is a winter sport also.  Oh – but then I noticed that golf is being played – so it must be summer.  No, no – they are talking about football, so it must be fall.  Then again, there are car races so it must be summer!

It was so much simpler years ago – football in the fall, followed by basketball and hockey in the winter and baseball in the summer.  Or a much simpler way to think of it – football when it is cool, basketball and hockey when it is too cold to go outside and baseball when it is getting warm and you can start on your tan!

So – why are we playing hockey and basketball in June when we are supposed to be outside watching baseball and working on our tans?  And why have we wished away the baseball season by starting to talk about football which means colder weather is imminent?  At least the golfers and the car races know when they are supposed to be played and haven’t changed their schedules!

I suppose I could use a calendar to determine what the season should be – but according to it summer doesn’t start until June 21st – and that can’t be right!  It’s hot outside right now and school is out — so it must be summer now!  It could be spring since baseball is played in the spring — but then I know how confusing it is going to be when the World Series is played in October — which is when football is going on — so when does fall really begin?

I’m so confused and I don’t know whether to have a picnic or an ice skating party.  Wait — I don’t play any sports at all and I don’t watch them except when my husband goes flying by them with the remote – so what the heck am I worried about!  I can figure out the season by the ads in the paper — Spring Sale, Summer Sale — what the heck is this one – Christmas in July??



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