Intent to Vacate

A Dyson DC07 upright cyclonic vacuum cleaner u...

My tool of choice!

We took another step towards moving today by giving notice to our apartment managers that we intend to move within 30 days.  It has been good living here the past year – but I am definitely not going to miss the loud music, the cars going by all night long, the drunken people around the pool — oh my God, I’m becoming one of ‘those’ old ladies!

When we filed our Intent to Vacate – they gave us a list of things we have to clean before we leave – and the amount of money they will take out of deposit if we don’t clean.  Our deposit is $300 and we just leave it, we still get about $100 back.  I’m trying to decide if it’s worth my time to do all of this cleaning – especially since I would rather have teeth drilled than clean a toilet!  Pat (my hubby) has reminded me that it is better to get the full $300 back – and then I can spend it on furniture for the new house or a picture — or maybe some new clothes!  So, I’ve decided that it won’t be so bad — I will supervise Pat while he cleans and I will do the final inspection — that shouldn’t be too painful – and I’ll still get to keep all of the money!

We did have to do some cleaning tonight because they want to show the apartment tomorrow to a couple who are interested in it.  Somehow I got stuck cleaning the bathrooms!  How did that happen?  Next time I really need to be quicker about grabbing the vacuum cleaner!



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