One Word – Uncomfortable

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Thousands in Portland take to bikes for naked ride – Yahoo! News.

I recently noticed this article when surfing the net – it caught my eye because I have good friends who live in Portland – and I’ve been there.  However, I can say that I have never been biking in the nude – and I’m pretty sure my friends haven’t either (although one should never assume about one’s friends — we don’t all share every crazy thing we have done in our lives!)

I can’t imagine biking in my birthday suit — my butt hurts from sitting on that skinny seat when I’m wearing clothes!  And talk about chafing – OW!!

And just in case you are wondering – it isn’t just beautiful young people doing this crazy thing – I’ve seen the pictures and believe me – they are NOT pretty!!!

I really shouldn’t say too much about my friends’ hometown — after all, in Crested Butte, Colorado – the ski resort above my hometown of Gunnison – they used to have a spring festival where they ski downhill NAKED!  I’m pretty sure these skiers are crazier than the bike riders — frost-bitten private parts versus chafed private parts – you figure it out!


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    • Hey – their beauty on the inside is shining through! All I know is that if there are parts of me that I can’t look at in the mirror — no one else is going to want to see them either!

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