Stress War


My hubby, his mother and I were discussing all of the bad things about stress.  Stress can make you fat because you eat too much and don’t sleep enough.  Stress can cause you to get sick because your immune system can’t cope.  Stress can make you depressed, angry, forgetful.  And yes, stress can give you wrinkles!  I’m sure the list goes on and on.  Since I was in the car with two crazy people — it would have gone on and on, if Pat and his mother had not switched to a new discussion about stress – and it wasn’t so much a discussion as it was a contest to see who truly knew what real stress was!  My mother-in-law fired the first volley, with Pat firing right back.

“Stress is going into your boss’ office to be berated like you are every week.”

“No, Stress is watching four babies under the age of 6 and then going to your night job.”

“No, no – Stress is waiting to get your roof fixed before the next storm.”

“That’s nothing – Stress is thinking you are going to get fired every day.”

This would have gone on for hours if they hadn’t heard me laughing in the back seat.  I warned them that if they kept this up, I was going to write about the two of them in my blog – so here it is.

Now, that  is real stress — knowing that people are going read about your craziness – and you can’t do anything about it!


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