Where’s the Fire?

A residential smoke detector is the most famil...

A Food Critic?

Once again I set off the smoke alarms in my apartment.  Once again there is no fire.  Once again I feel really stupid and hope the neighbors upstairs don’t stomp on the floor in frustration at me.

It is really stupid.  The smoke alarm goes off for the weirdest things – and then when you think it should go off – it doesn’t.  Which makes me think that when there really is a fire, we are doomed!

For instance, when I’m baking snickerdoodles, the smoke alarm goes crazy.  Every time I open the oven to get another tray of cookies — it goes off.  However, when I bake sugar cookies –  nothing.  Apparently, the smoke alarm has preferences on the type of cookies it wants you to consume.

When I made Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner — every burner was going, the turkey is in the oven, lots of steam and heat – nothing.  When I made popcorn in our new air corn popper tonight — the thing starts wailing!  What is the deal?

I can cook spaghetti and have steam everywhere – nothing.  I take a cake out of the oven – nothing.  I burn porkchops – nothing.  Stuff on the broiler – nothing.

On the other hand, I  make brownies – alarm.  Snickerdoodles – alarm.  Pecan sandies – alarm.  Pre-heat the oven and open the door – alarm!  What the heck??

I’m beginning to think that the smoke alarm is not really a smoke alarm — it is a baked goods alarm – and it has definite likes and dislikes.  It obviously prefers cakes to brownies and only likes sugar cookies.  Popcorn is a big no-no.  It does apparently appreciate a traditional turkey dinner.

I’m sure our neighbors will be very appreciative when we move – so they don’t have to listen to the fickle alarm.  I’m just hoping that our new place hasn’t any preferences for food – and let’s me cook whatever I want without becoming ‘alarmed’.


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  1. I must have its twin! Mine also goes off at silly times and I can’t reach the damn thing to turn it off… A very good post !

  2. The ones in our flats are like that. They definitely don’t like meat – vegetarian or otherwise but we’ve no idea what else sets them off. We took ours down in the end! Our old downstairs neighbour seemed to set it off everytime she cooked, maybe she wasn’t such a good cook though. 😉

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