Slowly, Slowly

Christmas gifts.

Will it never come?

It seems like the last part of this experience is taking FOREVER!  I feel like I am stuck in one of those stop-action karate films, hanging in mid-air – waiting to complete the job of kicking the bad guys’ butts!

Right now, you are thinking – what the heck is she talking about?  I want you to think back to when you were a child (or maybe you still do this!) and it was one month before Christmas.  Every day goes by slower and slower.  You think about what wonderful things are in those packages more and more – which of course, makes the days go by slower and slower.  You keeping thinking and waiting, waiting and thinking.  But it definitely doesn’t make the time go any faster.

Well – that’s where we are with the house right now.  In 30 days we close on the house and move in.  I’m excited by the idea the big day – just like opening my presents on Christmas — new cabinets, new sinks, new carpet, new linoleum, new windows, doors – NEW HOUSE!  However, it seems like nothing is happening on the house right now.  Alright — that’s not quite right — they have put in the trim, laid the subfloor and put the primer on the walls.  Not exactly nothing,  but it just doesn’t seem possible that everything will be done on time – unless one of Sleeping Beauty‘s fairy godmothers steps up to the plate and makes a miracle occur!

I’m trying to push things along — we bought a new washer and dryer today so it can be delivered after the closing – plus, we bought new chairs for my kitchen table – just to spiff things up.  Maybe if I actually start packing some boxes, it will go faster.

We can’t get in the house any longer – but we can peek through the windows (hope we don’t get arrested as peeping toms – not a good way to impress the neighbors!).  When I start actually seeing carpeting, cabinets and doors on hinges — I will know that Christmas is just around the corner!


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  1. How exciting..I remember it well.The first time was year 2000 when our house in Spain was built and we moved in , sweeping the builders dust before us.
    Then in 2007 in Bulgaria. It was not a new build but as restoration. The first night we slept on the floor and we ‘lived’ in one corner of the kitchen. We were moving in whilst the builders were still working. Patience is not my middle name!

    Happy Moving Day love P

    • I think that at this point, I would also be willing to move everything in and let them ‘work’ around me! I’ll behave myself — but Pat can’t stand not being able to get into the house and do an ‘inspection’!

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