Pillar Plans


Plans, Lots of Plans

I know it seems weird — but I was really excited to see our pillar on our front porch today.  It was one of those little details that I thought maybe I had forgotten to tell them to add to the house.  Pat kept assuring me that there would be a pillar – because there was one in the drawing of the  house – and I reminded him that he had originally thought we had a double-window in the front based on the same drawing!

I couldn’t help obsessing about that darn pillar!  I have plans for that pillar!  I want to decorate it for Christmas – not that I have ever done a lot of outdoor decorating for Christmas in the past — always been too busy or had no money for those types of things – but now, I have plans.

I want to find a way to hang my American flag from that pillar.  It was my mother’s flag and she flew it every Fourth of July and every other holiday where a flag is required.  I might not be able to use the pillar because it is made out of aluminum – but now, I have plans.

I want to decorate it for Halloween — mind you, I have never decorated outside for Halloween, but now, I have plans.

So every day I have waited for that pillar to show up on my front porch – and tonight when we drove by — it took me a minute to realize that the pillar was there!  My plans are beginning to take shape — we will celebrate Christmas in this house.  We will have a Fourth of July party in this house.  We will give out TONS of chocolate to neighborhood kids in this house.  I can hardly wait!  There is so much to do and so much living to be done in this house – and boy do I have plans!


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  1. Congrats on that pillar! Things are really moving along. I can’t believe you’ll be moving in in a month. This is the smoothest new house build I’ve ever heard of! Can’t wait to see pics of your outdoor decorations!

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