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Less than blooie

That would be the technical term used by my son to explain what is wrong with my computer –

“Mom, your wireless card went blooie.”

“What exactly does that mean?”

“That means it would cost more to fix your laptop than it is worth.”

“Can we do something that isn’t ‘blooie’?”

“Sure, we’ll use this really old-fashioned cord and hook you straight up to the modem – just like the old days.”

“And if I want to go back to wireless?”

“Well, you will have to do it the next old-fashioned way and get a USB wireless thing” (he likes to use technical terms with me to impress me.)

“And how much is that?”

“Not that much.  Definitely not as much as a ‘blooie’ but more than the cord (which was free).”

So – for now I’ll stick with the cord — I don’t tend to use the laptop outside my office anyway — so it works.  And I’ll save my ‘blooie’ money for something special for the new house — seems to be money better spent.


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  1. The ‘wireless thing’ used to require a dongle, which you had to ask for in an electronics with a straight face and without blushing.

    • I’m ashamed to say that there are already two other computers in Pat’s treasure trove! Luckily this one has been saved for a short time!

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