Well, It Happened


Yes — it happened — I missed a day on my PostADay 2011 Challenge – and it was not my fault!  I had good intentions – I was going to write about my son’s birthday (Tim turned 25 yesterday!), but when I sat down at my computer – NO INTERNET CONNECTION!  What the heck?  Where was my Geek Squad boy (Bob used to be on the Geek Squad at Best Buy) when I needed him?  He was out partying with his brother for his birthday — that’s how I rate!

So, instead I’m writing from another computer today and may have to do it for a couple of days and even miss a couple of other days if I can’t get Bob to fix my computer – I refuse to type my post on my cell phone — keys are WAY too little and my fingers are WAY too big!

So in the meantime, I might not have pictures – so you will just have to put up with plain old words – what a shame — kind of like going to a speech without the Powerpoint presentation!  It won’t be really bad unless I have to start using that white stuff – you know what I’m talking about – I think it’s called paper.


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  1. When your computer is fixed, not only will you have lots of news about your new house but also you will have many photos.
    We can be patient and wait…

    love P

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