The Joys of Linoleum



Yes – there really are joys attached to linoleum – sometimes it is just the mere fact that you are able to pronounce the word without stuttering, stammering or making funny faces!

I’m excited about linoleum for a number of reasons –

– I can spell it!  I even did it right the first time without spell-check.

– I can say it without twisting my tongue into a knot.  It’s one of those words like aluminum – some people just have a tough time with this one.

– It’s easy to clean – okay, I admit I don’t LIKE to clean anything – but at least linoleum is easier to clean than a lot of other things – like tile which has grout that gets yucky or carpet which in a kitchen or eating area gets even yuckier.

– My dishes don’t break when they fall on it — unlike the many glasses and plates I have broken when I have dropped them on tile.

And the main reason I’m excited about linoleum?

They have installed it in my house!  Yes, there is lovely linoleum in all the right areas – entryway, bathrooms and kitchen.  Plus, it really shows off my great new cabinets!

So, what is so great about linoleum — when it belongs in your new house, it means that it’s getting closer to being completely done!


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  1. I am so happy for you!
    You are like a kid with a tin of sweets..which one to eat and enjoy next

    It is so exciting…not long now! I wrote about you on my blog called Dreams

    have a great day

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