Mother Nature is on a Rampage


The Might Mo

Many years ago there was a commercial for Parkay margarine where someone tried to make Mother Nature believe that the Parkay was real butter.  Mother Nature was not amused and she would declare “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!” right before a lightning would strike and the wind would blow.

Well, here in the Midwest — someone must have played a similar trick on Mother Nature – and she is pissed off!  We have had floods, tornadoes and heat waves to try the hearty souls of Midlands.  We saw evidence of her anger tonight when we took a walk over the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge which crosses the Missouri River (or the Might Mo as some call her!).

Flower Islands

Over the past 30 years of my life in Omaha, I have complained about how slow the Might Mo is compared to the wonderful mountain streams of Colorado.  I can’t make that statement today — the river is running exceptionally fast and it has consumed the land on either side.

Red 'buoys'

What was going to be developed into a river front park is now part of the river.  The Lewis Clark Landing is only identifiable by the bright red umbrellas sticking out of the water like buoys.  The river has ‘drowned’ three of the oversized bronze sculptures of men who depict and honor the working unions of Omaha.  Flowers which are part of a concrete landing or now floating like islands in the water.

Drowning Sculpture

Mother Nature is so angry she has decided that this flood will last not a week or two – but 2-3 months!  We are not planning on getting back our normal river banks until September!  Sadly, Omaha is not the hardest hit by Mother Nature’s bad humor — entire towns along the river have been flooded and will have to rebuild their lives.

Remember these families in your prayers — and tell Mother Nature to knock it off and get over it already!


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  1. Oh dear! How awful…..Are you safe?
    Most certainly I will add you in my prayers and all the other poor souls who are suffering with the affect of Mother Nature

    love P

    • Luckily the Riverfront stuff is fine — but the parks along the river in North Omaha and in Bellevue are ruined. Plus the people in Council Bluffs have to be ready to move at a moment’s notice. We don’t have it anywhere near as bad as those poor people in Minot, ND or Hamburg, IA.

  2. My kids were lucky 4 years ago when their contingency offer expired on a house in the flood plain of the Puyallup River…that development flooded a couple years later following a visit of the Pineapple Express (a strong, warm storm system loaded with rain that melts all the snow on Pacific slope of the Cascade Mountains).

    • As much as I would like to live next to the river – the whole idea of flooding makes me want to stay up on a hill! Of course, around here there are also tornadoes — and on top of a hill there could be avalanches and mudslides. Darn — I guess there isn’t anywhere to live that Mother Nature can’t get you!

  3. I loved Mother Nature in those Parkay commercials. So sorry you are getting that flooding, too. It’s scary when M.N. unleashes her power. I remember living in Austin when it flooded — I lived in a neighborhood on a hill and one of my friends had water running through his house — downhill! It was very weird. All the creeks rose over their banks and driving down a major road after the floods was crazy because of all the trees, branches and sediment that had settled at the water line — well above the road itself. Flooding is no joke, for sure. I am guessing your new house was not in the flood area.

    Have a happy Fourth!!!

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