Oh Look – It’s a TREE!


Waiting for the grass!

We couldn’t get into the house today (again) and it was too muddy to walk around the house and stare in the windows — so we had to make do with the fact that they have started our landscaping.

Yes – we have a tree!  It is small maple now – but it will grow into a beautiful tree which will give me beautiful leaves in the fall.  I also have bushes and other plants – all of which I don’t have to take care of right now!  Soon there will be grass – which I don’t have to mow!

I will still plant a few colorful flowers – if not this year (since it is so late in the year) – at least I will start thinking about next year.

Soon, the deck will be on the back – and the stone on the front – and maybe tomorrow it will be dry enough to sneak a peek inside!


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  1. Here’s a planting trick: plant flowers in the Fall for Spring. Get your bulbs in when it gets cooler (daffodils, tulips), and plant pansies and mums in Fall. Next spring the pansies will come back — they LOVE cool weather, so you’ll get two seasons out of them (Fall and Spring). Plus pansies are cheap in the Fall, because people don’t realize they like cool weather and that they’ll come back in the Spring. People make the mistake of buying them in Spring and by the time it gets hot, the heat kills them off, so you don’t get a 2nd season out of them that way. A lot of mums will come back the following Fall, as well. You can get your planting in in the Fall if you plant those things! Also, if you like crocus, plant the bulbs in Fall for late Winter/early Spring blooms. Just scatter them across the lawn for a naturalized look.

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