Toilets, Carpet & Flowers


One of the necessities!

I know – it doesn’t sound like those things should go together — but when put together they are the finishing touches on our new home!

We have toilets and fixtures in our bathrooms.  Don’t have to irritate our neighbors by having a port-a-potty in the backyard.

Just the right color!

We have the carpeting throughout the house.  It is even the color we picked out!  Last time Pat picked out carpet it turned out to be almost white — not a good color with four filthy kids and a filthy dog!

Beauty on the outside as well on the inside!

We have flowers & the stone facade on the front of the house.  You must have beauty surrounding you — and I’ll try not to kill the flowers.  The facade is just that nice added touch.

Everything and the kitchen sink too!

We have our kitchen sink and the screens for the windows.  I can hardly wait to leave my windows open to enjoy the breeze.  Pat wanted the deeper sink so he could wash dishes easier — although we have a really nice dishwasher coming — which I plan to use!

We have our deck.  It will be wonderful to relax and watch the sunset.

All of these are steps closer to our house being done and ready for us to make it our home.

The excitement builds!


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