Twilight Zone Marathon and the Miracle of a DVR

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Any fan of The Twilight Zone can tell you that on holiday weekends, the Syfy Channel has a 24-hour marathon where it does nothing but show episodes of this great series!  It is something my family has grown actually consider a necessary part of any holiday weekend – since we are all HUGE fans of the series.

In years past, we have reluctantly missed many an episode because we felt it necessary to do the things that are expected on these holidays — picnics (Memorial Day and Labor Day), fireworks (Fourth of July), talk to family and other people (any holiday).  However, this year I won’t have to miss any of the wonderful morality plays which are hosted by the legend Rod Serling – because now I have a DVR (I think it stands for digital video recorder – don’t know for sure – and don’t really care as long as it does what it is supposed to do!).

This year I set the DVR to record all of the episodes of The Twilight Zone and watch them at my convenience.  I love spotting all of the movie stars in their youth – William Shatner (Captain Kirk), James Coburn, Burgess Meredith (okay, he was old in these too!), Jackie Cooper, Roddy McDowell, Elizabeth Montgomery (Bewitched), Agnes Morehead (the mother of Bewitched) and even Robert Redford (he plays death in one episode!).  For some of you, these names are meaningless — kind of like the 19-year-old girl who asked me who John Wayne was – I am getting so old!

So, in a way, I’m entering “another dimension” where I can see the familiar and the 30 minute episodes have a lesson for everyone about everything.  And every year – I always see at least one episode I have never seen (or I don’t remember seeing) and I am stunned by how relevant each episode is in today’s world.


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