Sing Loud, Sing With Joy


One the pleasures I found later in life was singing with a church choir.  We had a director (Mary Kay Mueller) who accepted anyone who wanted to sing – which was great for me!  Although I played the flute all through high school and into college — and I could read music – I had never belonged to a choir and used my soprano voice.

I joined the new church choir because I wanted my daughter, Becky (who has a wonderful alto voice) to participate – and she wouldn’t do it without me – so I gave it a try.  Imagine my surprise when I found that this was something that actually brought me great pleasure.  I enjoyed singing gospel songs and being part of a very talented group.  It was a wonderful experience – but the best part of the experience wasn’t my singing — it was getting to meet people like Michael Lawson who makes me smile whenever he sings.

He has a dream and he has pursued that dream by trying out for American Idol (and actually got pretty far one time) and he was part of a group on the show which had a capella groups (can’t remember the name of the show – but was excited to see Michael as part of the group).

This is a young man who has a wonderful gift and it was wonderful to sing with him – and mostly to listen to his wonderful voice.  So, when he posted this on You Tube – I had to share it with everyone.  He is singing my favorite song right now – by Adele – and as always, he makes me smile!  The young woman singing with him is also good — but it’s Michael who makes me feel like everyone should get to feel the joy I do when I hear his voice.

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  1. Praising the Lord in song is wonderful.
    With my singing voice I don’t think that even Mary Kay could find a place for me. At school I was always ‘asked’ to be ‘quiet’ maybe that says something.
    I only wish that my internet would let me get YouTube so that I could see and hear Michael but it will not.
    Still I shall wait for him to become known.Has he made any recordings?

    • Everyone can sing — doesn’t matter what your voice sounds like as long as it is filled with joy!

      Michael’s only albums are local ones which were sold for the church. When he cuts a commercial one, I will be the first one to let everyone know they should buy one!

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